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Fostering an Arts Community
   Since the Taipei National University of Arts (TNUA) moved to Guandu 1992, the campus has not only became a scenic spot of Taipei, but also one of the most notable center for the arts. TNUA has devoted to arts education for many years. Besides presenting numerous innovative exhibitions and performances, related facilities and infrastructure also increased. We hope to provide opportunities for citizens to attend arts related activities and enroll in these courses, thus promote the living quality of the Beitou community. Furthermore, we frequently sponsor international exchange events and other demonstrations, shaping Beitou district into a unique artistic community.. Built upon this understanding, the Center for Continuing Education offers a variety of different classes taught by well-known professionals and scholars to fulfill the wish to learn, no matter at what stage in life..

Our Mission
Art education should available for everyone. Based on this understanding, a whole spectrum of arts related courses are offered through CEC each semester.
   Besides a series of well-received accredited undergraduate and graduate level courses, we also take students’ interests into consideration. Different levels of technique courses(such as oil painting, ballet, sculpture, jewelry-making…etc.)and academic seminars are offered annually.. For example, we have courses in sketching, engraving, even gardening and landscape design, content that are part of our everyday lives..
    In the summer of 2004, CEC began its first overseas in-depth travel courses, held in collaboration with partnering travel agencies. A group led by art historian Professor Lai Ray-ying brought students to visit the museums in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia, and Professor Yang Chi-wen explained Italian architecture to students onsite, while theatre expert Chan Hui-teng introduced various important theatre festivals abroad. Based on our surveys, all the students responded with 100% satisfaction..

  Other than class offerings, CEC also executes and assists with various large-scale community-wide arts activities.

The Kuandu Flower Art Festivals
In the fall of 2003, the first Kuandu Flower Festival “Floral Imagination”,  sponsored by the Council of Agriculture, attracted 700 thousand visitors.. Innovative design and marketing concepts was introduced to the formerly conservative agricultural community. The following spring (2004), back by popular demand, the second edition of the floral festival returned with the theme “Legend in Bloom.”  Over a million people took part this time, setting a all-time record.. By commissioning outdoor sculptures from our internationally renown faculty members, many of which used floral material as their basis, a successful model of joining the academics with the business world was established.

 Nation-wide Tours
In August of 2004 CEC assisted the Kaohsiung City Government’s Bureau of Cultural Affairs with the “Street Artists-Cultural Ambassadors Project.” through auditioning,training, and demonstrating.. From the fall of the same year nad into 2005,,we produced another series of nation-wide performances sponsored again by the Council of Agriculture.. With programs ranging from western orchestra, traditional Nankuan and Beikuan music, ballet, aboriginal dances, and Taiwanese Opera, performing arts formerly associated with the elite were introduced to audiences on outdoor stages, totally free of charge.

Future Plan
   In recent years, communities emphasize active participation and direct involvement. TNUA, as a part of the Kuandu/Beitou community, also willingly shares its resources with its neighbors and takes part in establishing a network of communication and exchange. We hope to bring awareness of Taiwan’s rich local culture and create a sense of self-identity and high esteem among our art-loving public.

Registration and Enrollment
Each June and December, classes starting in September (Fall) and February (Spring) respectively are open for registration . For detail information,  please check our website: http://aaa.tnua.edu.tw , or call 02-2893-8888.


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